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I’m Dying + The Good and Bad of Knowing When You’re Going To Die

I know when I’m going to die.

It all started with the Death Clock. And yes, it is as morbid as it sounds. But when you learn the date you’re supposed to die the morbidness of such things kind of fades away. [Continue reading]

I’m Still A Drug Addict


I'm still a drug addict. I have an addictive personality. Actually, it’s more a habitual personality. Addicts have a hard time quitting their chosen vices. I’ve never had a hard time quitting anything…when I want to. But I like drugs. I like … [Continue reading]

I Shunned The Man That Saved Me


I owe my life to one man. A man I’ve never met. A man I’ve communicated with three times. The last of which was two years ago in an email telling me I’m a fraud trying “suck every last penny from hard working people” -- basically how horrible of a … [Continue reading]

Meditation Is Broken

Meditation Does Not Work

I have a morning routine I've practiced everyday for little over a year. You could call it my meditation time, although I would cringe a little. I wake up around 5:30 or 6:00 (depending  if wine, bourbon, or tea was involved the night before) so I … [Continue reading]

How Hypocrites Become Our Heroes

How Hypocrites Become Our Heroes

I'm a hypocrite. And just in case I wasn't fully aware of it, friends are emailing to inform me of my hypocrisy. With friends like that who needs enemies, right? That's how I felt reading the email...over and over and over again. As I sat … [Continue reading]